Uwe Zens

Marketing Consulting & Digital Production Shop.

What we do

We conceive, design and produce outstanding digital experiences and integrated campaigns for web, mobile and the physical world. We are proud to work for a wide variety of brands but we also like to team up with agencies.


AdamsMorioka / Annenberg Foundation / Anni Kuan / aol / BBDO / Bild / BMW / Boost Mobile / Boris Becker / Credit Suisse / Dell / DHL / DirtbikeKidz / Dunlop / Endeavor / Eurosport / FC Bayern München / Financial Times / Hopelab / Intel / Jakks Pacific / Ken Block / KPMG / LFLA / MSN / Osiris Shoes / Porsche / Randstad / Road2Recovery / Seat / Siemens / Sunoco / Toyota / Tracy Anderson / T-Systems / Turner Interactive / UCLA / United Internet / Völkl / Wasserman Media Group /

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  • Client Love.

    We do believe that great work is only possible when there is trust. We listen. And we want to understand.

    Passion for our work is what drives us. We promise to always go the extra mile for you. We don’t like quickies that much. We are much more the long relationship kinda-guys…

  • Responsive Design Love.

    Ethan Marcotte’s book “Responsive Web Design” made us see the light. When Mashable called 2013 the Year of Responsive Web Design, we could not have been more excited.

    Find out more here.

  • Stock photography.

    Sure, stock photography has its benefits. And the likes of Shutterstock, iStockphoto or their low-cost alternatives like Photodune have come a long way.

    However, we do believe that digital communication is deeply personal. A website, microsite or social media campaign should communicate a unique perspective, a unique brand voice or make a unique idea stand out. An image often says more than a thousand words. This is why we work with great photographers.

  • Social Media.

    We are by no means a content machine. As a matter of fact, personally, to be honest, we still haven’t figured out what could be really worth sharing with the world in 144 characters or less. However, we do understand the importance of customized social media campaigns for brands to stand out and be heart.

    Find a few of our campaigns here.

  • Open Source.

    Code is poetry. And should be free.

    We believe in LAMP. Rasmus Lerdorf, John Resig and Matt Mullenweg are our heroes.