Hydrate with Hydralyte

Hydralyte is a scientifically formulated oral rehydration solution (ORS) for the prevention and relief of dehydration. It’s formulation is based on the World Health Organization’s recommendation for rapid rehydration.

The brand is #1 in Australia, #2 in Canada and is now gaining traction in the USA.


Hired as SVP of Marketing (Contract), focus is on strategy leadership and execution of all projects that accelerate digital transformation. Responsible for overall marketing budget, P&L, eCommerce (D2C + Amazon 1P & 3P), digital paid marketing (social / search / other), website management and optimization, internal creative and 3rd party production management & providing concise reporting materials to the board.

Tasked to reposition Hydralyte as the No. 1 rehydration solution for everyday use for a predominantly female / young family audience.


Amazon: +140 % / >2x sales yoy, DTC: +254% / 3.5x sales yoy, new brand look & feel across all relevant brand touch points, website migration from WordPress → 100% Shopify, eCommerce brand launch in the UK, complete creative overhaul of advertising assets & targeting incl. short form & explainer videos.